About Us

Over the past 20+ years, we as a company have been on an always exciting and at times, bumpy journey!  Your continued trust and loyalty in us, have helped us grow our vision towards bigger and better things! We know that together we will continue to develop and improve our services and our commitment to excellence with our “6-star service”.

Since its founding in 1995, Yong Real Estate has always been guided by “the market” with our customer’s needs at its core.  Always striving to achieve excellence, we pride ourselves on our professional conduct, meticulous attention to detail, honest and reliable service, and a driving desire to get the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Yong is the highest ranked Reale Estate Company within Queensland’s top 400 privately owned companies.  Our brand has evolved over the years to become a model for Professional Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Development, Project Marketing, and Property Management.  In recent years we have expanded our original “pillar” industries and have branched out into large scale acquisition with the purchase of a resort, setting up a Law Firm and Immigration and Education Centre and the organization and running of The Fortune Global Forum.

Yong is expanding at an unprecedented rate both here in Australia and in the overseas market ie: China and is looking forward to showing off our products and services to the international market.

We at Yong are very proud of our achievements so far and with your continued support and trust are excited to head into the next 20 years with confidence and enthusiasm knowing that we will be ‘leading the way’!