Peter Huang
Peter Huang
Peter Huang


Peter Huang
Sales & Marketing Associate / Principal

YONG founder, Peter Huang, walks the talk. He arrived in Australia in 1991 with only $100 and bought possibly more properties than any other real estate agent in Australia by the time his autobiography/property investment business book, The Australian Dream & $1 Properties, was launched in early 2009. The eventual completion value of his solely owned landbanking properties, once fully developed, will be worth around $900 million. Since 2003, YONG has been the highest ranking real estate company in Queensland amongst the state’s top 400 private companies. During the global financial crisis, while managing one of the largest and most complex real estate companies in Australia, Peter still produced over $4M in fees personally in 2010, using around 20% of his available spare time in sales and business development.

Peter is the founder of YONG Real Estate and the CEO of JHC Holdings running his own project as well as helping his developer clients and owners for venture capital and development management services. He came to Australia in 1991 with US $100 in his pocket to re-start his traditional family business again traced back before 1949. The workbook of his currently solely owned projects and landbanking properties will be worth around $900 million in the future in completion value. He launched his autobiography – “The Australian Dream and $1 Properties” in 2009 and will launch the Chinese version in China in 2013 to extend his franchise and investors network for the benefits of his developer clients.
Please visit YONG Real Estate’s website to find out more information on Peter’s journey in Australia.


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